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Download Alexa App

Download Alexa App

Download Alexa app in just fraction of seconds from Android play store, IOS Play store Or Windows 10 Store.

Download Alexa AppAlexa app provides voice interaction, controlled by giving voice commands saying “Alexa” as waking command following with the command to perform. Alexa can perform various tasks such as music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming and to provide weather information, traffic information, news/sports news etc.

It supports almost every smart home devices such as Philips, syska etc. Alexa is a smart learning app, its functionalities can be extended by downloaded more skills(additional functionalities).

Download Alexa App:

You can easily Download Alexa App from authorized stores.

such as Google play store and Apple App store.

Alexa App Download For Echo devices on android /ios devices can be performed as explained below:


Android user can Download Alexa from the Play Store. Simply to the play store and search for Amazon Alexa. The very first app appears is the Alexa app download it.


IOS user can Download Alexa  from the App Store. Simply go to the App store and search for “Amazon Alexa”.The very first app appears is the Alexa app download it.

Download Alexa App: A Thorough Guide on How-To, Features, and Specifications app is the ultimate companion of the revolutionary Amazon echo, Amazon dot, and Amazon tap devices. This app will help you in setting up various things for your Smart AIl gadget provided by Amazon. With this app, you cannot only set up various things but can also control the device remotely.

This will provide you with more enhanced features for your Amazon Alexa enabled device.

If you are reading this then you might already know about Amazon echo and are here just to get details about the procedure to download Alexa app. But just in case if you don’t know, Amazon Echo is a completely hands-free artificial intelligence speaker that acts as your virtual assistant.

The device is never required to be charged and can be used from any room in your house, whether it is a gallery or the kitchen.

With Alexa, you can listen to all of your favorite music, get updates about the news and the weather, and create reminders and lists, and many other activities.

A brief explanation of the Alexa App

Alexa app acts as a companion for your Alexa-enabled devices such as echo. The moment you download Alexa app, you can enjoy the various features that are provided by the Alexa enabled devices at any location.

With this app, you can easily set up various smart devices such as smart lights, and smart appliances. You can also organize your day to day activities with this app by using it to set reminders and creating lists. Moreover, it provides necessary information about the news and weather as well.

Perquisites before downloading the Alexa app 

Here are the various perquisites that you need to look for before you download Alexa app:

  • Compatibility

The first and foremost prerequisite is the compatibility of your device. You need to make sure that your device is compatible with the Amazon Alexa app. Here is a rundown of all the devices on varying platforms that support the Amazon Alexa app:

  • Android operating system (above version 5.1)
  • IOS operating system (Above version 10.0)
  • Desktop browser web application at

Make a note that the features of the app may vary from platform to platform.

  • Availability of an Alexa enabled device

This is something very obvious but people still do consider the Alexa app as a virtual assistant that can work with your smartphone just like any other virtual assistant. But you need to understand that before you download Alexa app, you need to own an Alexa enabled device such as Amazon echo.

After you’ve fulfilled all the above requirements, you can continue with the setup of the Amazon Alexa app.

Step-by-Step process to download Alexa app and set it up

All you need to do for the proper setup of the application is to follow the below step-by-step guide and you will be able to set it up in no time. Let us dive in directly:

  • Step 1: Download the app

You must download the companion app if you own an Alexa enabled device since it is a feature-rich application that you can use to enhance the features of your device gradually.

You can download the app easily using the Play Store or the app store on your mobile device. To do it, just open the app store and search for the Amazon Alexa app. Then just download it. Moreover, the app is free to download so you won’t incur any charges while downloading (except the data charges).

  • Step 2: Open the application and login with your account

The very first thing that you need to do after you open the app is to log in with your Amazon account. You need to enter the email as well as the password that you created while signing up for an account on the Amazon website.

Make sure that the battery of your device is completely charged. The next step is to set up the Alexa device.

  • Step 3: Set up the Alexa device

In order to set up the Alexa device, you just have to switch on the Alexa device and then wait for the LED to give an indication of the status of the power of the device.

  • Step 4: Connect the device

The last step is to open the Alexa app and then search for devices that are available nearby (the network of your Alexa device) and then connect to it. That is all you are required to do after you download Alexa app to set it up.

Steps to download Alexa app on IOS devices

Download Alexa App for MacThe process of downloading the application in the IOS device is as simple as installing any regular app on the device. The core difference lies in the setup of the application. Obviously, you need to own any IOS device such as an iPhone, or iPad.

Make sure that the IOS version is above 10.

Then you just need to open up the app store and type “Alexa app” in the search bar. Then just click on the application’s icon and install it. The application is completely free to use and install, therefore you need not required to spend a single penny.

Once you have successfully installed the app, open it and read the next category for setting instructions.

Steps to configure Amazon Alexa on IOS device

Firstly launch the app and turn the Bluetooth on for both the IOS and Amazon Alexa.

Pair both the devices and then you are all set to use the Amazon Alexa device. You can start by giving it voice commands.

Once you have settled up everything, you can open the app and go to the settings panel for customizing various settings for your device. The customizations may include changing time zone, adding various skills, checking all the lists and notes, and other settings as well.


So that was all about the Amazon Alexa app as well as its setup. We hope you find this guide extremely useful for the task of downloading and setting up the application. Therefore, download the application now and enjoy the various services it provides.

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