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Download ALEXA App For Windows

Download Alexa app for Window and it is one of the easiest ways to set up AMAZON ECHO or DOT at your home or office locality to make it Smart usually, AMAZON ALEXA  APP  is compatible with any Microsoft computer or laptop.
To download Alexa App user have to Go through a preferable browser or you can open Google play store and search for  Download Alexa App For  Windows  Once it’s downloaded it will show as a zip file which link is not officially provided by Amazon Echo, the size of the latest version for the Alexa App is 134MB.

How to use Alexa App In Windows

As usual, it’s loaded with a feature of wake up word “Alexa”, and it will start listening to you  For eg; Alexa turn on the  music  And you will find a huge collection of Amazon Songs which has more than a 2 million songs in their library.but on windows computer customer have to open the Alexa App Setting Manually then you will see a blue button at your (PC) which you need to press by your own and start the Smartness of ALEXA APP.
View past Alexa activities such as recipes, Skills updates, and movie shows times under Activity in the left navigation menu.
you can also check previous Alexa task which you have seen before like movies, Episodes, Session Time shows at the left side of Alexa menu
Some of Computer (PC) is formally used only for office work  (unlikely) and if you installed Alexa firmware manually it’s (also questionable) and may not work correctly because you only can use there Preloaded Applications.
How To Install Alexa Echo On Microsoft Computer
Open Google Play Store
Download the app and Install it properly.
Run application from the taskbar.
Use your  Amazon account to Login.

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