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Amazon Echo plus (2nd Generation) the latest model of Echo plus comes up with a powerful 360 speaker and built-in Zigbee temperature sensor and smart home hub. Say Alexa to send messages, play music, and get information on news, score, weather.

Amazon Echo plus bring you a step closer to build your home as a smart home. Echo plus controls and wirelessly connects to locks, smart lights, room sensors and much more. Just say the word, Alexa and say “turn off the lights”, Echo plus listen to your command and fulfill it. From Amazon Echo, a user can control much more smart home devices.

Amazon Echo is a perfect companion at home. Through Echo plus it will make a users life way easier at home. Just use your voice for reminders, set alarm, create a to-do list and much more. With the live score, news, census, whether a user stays updated always through Amazon Echo plus.

The new Amazon Echo ( 2nd generation ) it comes up with premium speakers design and Dolby sound.  The Echo plus can play music from any genre or artist from Apple music, Amazon music, Pandora, Spotify and much more


The voice assistance Alexa now has up to 500000 skills and counting. Skills are like application which will help users do more on AMAZON Echo plus. Customize or add your personal skills and get responses with blueprint Alexa Skill.  New skills are being updated all the time. Find them in the skills section of the Alexa app or visit the skills store.


To connect the Echo plus to the existing wifi network is just as simple. Download the Alexa App on Android, IOS, or on windows and just follow the instruction to connect your Echo plus to your home wifi network.  After getting connected to your router a user can place the Echo to the desired location.



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