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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Alexa

There is no doubt that the 21st century is a century of Artificial Intelligence. This technology has entered into our lifestyle and now, it is undeniably a major part of it. Over the last few years, Alexa has become a household name that can be heard everywhere. Alexa is an artificial intelligence software developed by Amazon that is designed to be a permanent companion, or in other words, a virtual assistant to its users. It took the world by awe and surprise when it was first launched in Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers. Alexa is capable of voice interaction, creating to-do lists, playing audiobooks and music, providing news and weather reports, setting alarms and whatnot. It can also control the functions of several small devices by using itself as a home automation system. Apart from this, users can also extend their functions and capabilities by installing “skills”, which are basically applications developed by third-party vendors for Alexa. 

In this blog, we are going to take you through the step-by-step process of setting up an Alexa enabled Echo Smart speaker. By the end of this blog, you’ll be ready to set up your new AI buddy in your house or workplace and manage your day-to-day activities with just a few simple voice commands.

Amazon Alexa

Setting up an AMAZON Alexa enabled Echo device


  • Step 1 

Get the AMAZON Alexa App


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to download the Download Alexa app on your Smartphone. It is an app that every Echo owner should have on their phone because it is what you’ll through the whole set up process. Amazon Alexa app can be downloaded on any Smartphone or tablet with Android 5.1 or higher, Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher, or iOS 11.0 or higher. Please make sure that your Smartphone is updated and then simply search for “Alexa app” in its app store. If you want to download the app on your computer then ensure that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi system and then by visiting the Amazon Alexa website, you can easily download the Amazon Alexa app. 


  • Step 2 

Plugin your Echo Device


This is undoubtedly the easiest step in this whole set up process. Amazon Echo devices do not require any batteries; instead, they come with a power adapter that provides power supply to it. All you need to do is simply plug the power adapter cable into the port provided in the Echo device and then the other end of the adapter into a power outlet. After doing this, wait for the light to turn orange, it is a sign that Alexa is preparing to greet you for the first time. After the preparation, you’ll hear Alexa notifying you that the device is ready for set up.  


  • Step 3 

Connecting your Echo Device to a Wi-Fi Connection


Now that your Amazon Echo device is ready to set up, for the next step you’ll have to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. The latest upgraded versions of Echo devices are designed to guide the user through this process. But, in case you’re facing difficulties then you can simply open the Amazon Alexa app on your Smartphone and look for your home Wi-Fi network from the available networks in the area. If there are other Echo devices in your home, then choose ‘Alexa Devices’ in the menu to select your new device from the list. To make sure that you are connected, check under the ‘Wireless’ heading, you should be able to see the state of your home Wi-Fi connection. After this, you’ll get the option of saving your Amazon login credentials, which makes it easy and fast to connect to other smart home devices. It also makes it easier to connect to new Echo devices, in case you want to turn your home into a completely smart and Alexa powered space.


  • Step 4 

Start your First Conversation with your Virtual Assistant Alexa


Now, you’re almost done with your Amazon Alexa setup process. For this step, say the wake-up word, which is obviously “Alexa.” In case you want to address your AI with a different wake word, then you can change it anytime you want. Just say the default wake word followed by the simply vocal command, “change the wake word” and it will allow you to change it to whatever word you want. There is an alternate manual process for doing this too. It can be changed from your Alexa app on your Smartphone. All you need to do it is to go to the Device settings option of the device you want to change the wake word for and select the ‘wake word’ option. Currently, there are only four available options for wake word and those are- Amazon, Echo, Alexa, and Computer. You can choose any one of these as the wake word for your Amazon Echo device. If you have multiple Alexa enabled Amazon Echo devices, then you can set different wake word for different devices.


  • Step 5 

You’re All Set


Congratulations! Your Amazon Alexa setup process is finally completed and your new virtual assistant is ready to follow your command. But, just to ensure that it is working fine, take a little voice test by giving some basic commands to Alexa. Try by saying “Hello!” and if Alexa responds with a “Hello” then you’ve succeeded in the setting up process of your Amazon Alexa device.


  • Optional Step 

Connecting Smart Home Devices or External Speakers


If you want to connect your smart home devices like- lights, fans and air conditioners to your Alexa home automation system right away, then you can do it easily through Alexa app on your Smartphone. Just open the Alexa menu in the app and select the ‘Smart Home’ option. Now, Alexa will try to automatically find Smart Devices present nearby for you. If unfortunately, it fails to find the device you want to connect to then you can do it manually by choosing the ‘Add Device’ option. 


Now that you know how to do the Amazon Alexa setup, it’s time to do it and enjoy the services of your new Virtual Assistant Alexa. Happy commanding!


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