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AMAZON Alexa Login page to connect your brand new Amazon Alexa. If you have a Windows or Macintosh computer, you probably have to go to AMAZON Alexa login page to install your brand new device.

After setting up the Alexa to your Windows or Macintosh computer, a user can power on the pc remotely, communicate with the Alexa enabled devices from your computer, or else use your AMAZON Alexa as a computer speaker. Connect to the AMAZON Alexa login page with your computer in no time.

A user needs to go to to install the brand new AMAZON ECHO, Echo Show, Echo Dot.


Follow the below-given instructions to set up your brand new AMAZON Alexa to your home pc.

Amazon Alexa

– Plug your AMAZON Alexa near to your main router.
– Once you connect your device wait for the orange light to turn on.
– Now turn on your Windows 10 or Macintosh pc.
– Go to wifi setting option and connect to the Amazon network.
– After connecting to the Amazon network open any web browser and type
– You will see an Amazon Alexa login page.
– Sign in with your Amazon Alexa login account and follow the instruction to connect your Amazon Alexa to your existing wifi network.

NoteOn Windows 10 Machine Alexa app is preinstalled. If you are unable to find the app go to the search box and type the Alexa app. Or else follow the above instruction to connect the Alexa.

After installing your device to your home wifi network, the user can place Alexa to the preferred location. And connect your Alexa enabled devices to make your home to the smart home.

Facing any problem to use your AMAZON Alexa, our certified experts are working round the clock to fix any problem related to your Alexa. Dial us: 1-866-988-8965 or email us:

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