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Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Alexa is virtual assistance built in Amazon echo. Alexa has the capability to control your home gadgets your smart tv, lights, extenders, thermostats and more. So if you recently purchased an Amazon echo and want to install your Echo, here are some Step by step detail information for New Amazon ALEXA Setup

1. Plug your Amazon echo into a power outlet.
2. Download the Amazon App Setup App from Google play store or Apple App store.
3. Go to WIFI settings and connect with Amazon Echo WiFi network.
4. After connecting with Echo WiFi network switch to the App.
5. Choose an option to Setup New Device.
6. Connect with your Home Network.
7. Now the Amazon Alexa setup assistance will help you to configure.

DOWNLOAD FREE AMAZON Setup APP FOR Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot

On your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot you will see a LED light circling on the top of your device and within 1 or 2 minutes your Amazon Alexa setup assistance app on your IOS, Android or Amazon tablet will guide you through to install your device.

To Setup Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, you should have an Amazon Account.

Download FREE Amazon Alexa App on IOS Device.

Download FREE Amazon Alexa App on Android Device.

Download Free Amazon Alexa App on Windows Computer.

Download Free Amazon Alexa App on MAC Computer.

NOTE: Without an Amazon Account you can’t set up or use your Amazon Alexa.

What is ALEXA?
Alexa is the virtual assistant built into every Amazon Echo and in Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa is default wake word to turn on your Echo or Echo Dot. If you want to choose a different wake word eg. Echo, Amazon or Computer you have to go to the setting option of your Amazon Alexa App.
Note: You can’t customize your own wake word.
To go to setting option, Click on three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the app.

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