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What is ?

Download the Amazon Alexa App Download the free Alexa app from Amazon Appstore, Google Play, or Apple App Store.


The Alexa app is available on:


Go to the app store on your mobile device and search for “Alexa app.”

Note: The Alexa app downloads automatically to Alexa-enabled Fire tablets. To learn more, go to Using Alexa on Your Fire Tablet.


To check for updates, go to the app store on your mobile device and search for “Alexa app.” If an update is available, tap the Update button. If you don’t see the Update button, you’re on the latest version of the Alexa app.

Alexa App Setup on PC, Phone and Mac Device

If you want to setup Alexa on your Mac or Windows PC, Then you can open any browser like GOOGLE CHROME, FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER, MICROSOFT EDGE, for windows Computer or SAFARI for your Mac Book.

You can also get Alexa app on Google Playstore, iTunes or Amazon store as well.

To setup Alexa App, Open from your Browser and log in to your Amazon Alexa support account.

Select your device then language and begin the Setup your Alexa.

You must have a Compatible Device for Alexa Setup.

IF Using Android phone then It should be “Android %.0 or UP Version”

If you are installing app on iPhone or iPad then your iOS should be 9.0 or above Version”

For Kindle device “Fire OS 3.0 or above Version”

Download Alexa App for Windows PC Operating System Should be Windows 10 and having latest Browsers.

Alexa App for Windows

How to Use the Amazon Alexa App

Basic Commands for Alexa App

If you are going to talk with your new Alexa device, there are some of the basic commands for beginner to control and Amazon Alexa setup.

You can get started with some simple commands for Alexa E.G “ALEXA PLAY THE SONG “LEAN ON” by MAJOR LAZER”.

Please say “ALEXA WAKE UP” and give the command. Your Device will respond to your commands.

If you have Alexa skills, you can add custom Alexa commands by adding in your setup.

You can also change the Wake-up word to Just Alexa by going to your Alexa App Account Settings

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